Our Commitment to Duty of Care

Duty of care signifies the moral or legal responsibility of ensuring that a person’s safety and well-being is looked after. At our Vancouver limo service, this means going the extra mile and doing our due diligence to be able to guarantee safe passage and privacy for all our customers.

The horrific limo crash that claimed the lives of 20 people in New York shocked the entire nation when it occurred on October 6, 2018. Many were left wondering and questioning how such a thing could have happened. The Ford involved in the accident had been modified to fit 18 people, but it had repeatedly failed inspections and was not allowed on the road. Officials also report that the chauffeur was also not properly licensed to drive the vehicle.

Due to the negligent behaviour of the limo company involved, many other such enterprises are now facing tremendous backlash and public scrutiny. At our Vancouver limo service, we believe that all ground transportation services are responsible for passenger safety, and this definitely means complying with enforced laws and regulations.

We want to ensure both our future and current clientele that we take this issue seriously, so we’ve dedicated this article to both informing and ensuring everyone that duty of care is always at the top of our minds.


Hiring the Most-Qualified Chauffeurs

Other than vehicles, the person driving is also of utmost importance, so we’re dedicated to hiring and training only the best individuals for our chauffeurs. Individuals who are very familiar with traffic conditions and adhere to the rules and regulations enforced are at the top of our list, and you can rest assured that every ride with us is catered for your safety and satisfaction.


Having Only Well-Maintained Vehicles

It’s one thing to say that your vehicle is fine and another to actually work on it to ensure that it is. Here at our Vancouver limo service, we do all the work in order to reassure each and every customer that their safety is guaranteed. Our fleet of vehicles comply with local regulations and are regularly screened and maintained in order to have it working in tip-top condition. Everyone loves great service, and that’s definitely something we’re looking to provide.


Ensuring Client Data Protection and Privacy

Nobody likes discovering that their private information is being used without their permission, and we’re definitely against that too. In order to prevent such a thing from happening, we take extreme care to secure your information at every stage of transaction and enquiry, and you can rest assured that your personal data will only be accessed whenever necessary.


Our Enduring Commitment

Last but not least, we would love to show our appreciation for our staff members who uphold our commitment to protecting all our clients. Our commitment to your happiness and safety makes us the best there is, and we’re not going to compromise on that. If you’re looking for a safe and satisfactory ride for any occasion, just hit the call button and we’ll be more than happy to talk and discuss the best options for you.