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The Ultimate in Safety, Service and Satisfaction

At Griffin Transportation, we define ourselves through our expansive global reach and unwavering commitment to exceptional service. As a leader in international transportation, our expertise spans across continents, ensuring that Griffin provides a seamless and superior travel experience no matter where you need to go. With our headquarters in Vancouver and a worldwide network, we specialize in delivering comprehensive transportation solutions that cater to individual and corporate needs with unparalleled professionalism.


Tailored Excellence in Global Transportation

Our fleet is meticulously curated to satisfy the varied requirements of global travelers, ensuring comfort, safety, and style for every journey:

  • Sedans: Perfect for up to two passengers, our sedans offer an intimate and luxurious travel experience. Ideal for high-profile executives or couples, these vehicles provide privacy and elegance for navigating the heart of global cities.
  • SUVs (Suburban and Yukon): These vehicles are designed for slightly larger groups, such as families or business teams. They feature spacious interiors with the latest safety and comfort technology, ideal for traveling through bustling international capitals.
  • Executive Vans and Buses: Catering to even larger groups, these vehicles can accommodate up to 31 passengers and are perfect for various global engagements. From large-scale corporate events and international tours to major sporting events, these buses and vans have premium amenities that ensure all journeys are comfortable, efficient, and stress-free.


Global Services for a Connected World

Griffin Transportation offers more than just vehicle rentals; we provide a full spectrum of services designed to cater to all aspects of global travel needs. Our expertise extends beyond transportation to encompass comprehensive logistical support for a variety of international engagements:

  • airport transportation: We specialize in airport transfers, providing timely and hassle-free rides to and from airports worldwide. This service is perfect for travelers seeking convenience after a long flight.
  • corporate transportation: We cater to the logistical needs of corporate travel, providing efficient and sophisticated transportation solutions that allow professionals to travel easily.
  • hourly car service: Ideal for travelers who need flexible, on-demand transportation, our hourly car services provide a private and luxurious experience, perfect for business or leisure.
  • meeting and event transportation: We specialize in corporate events and offer seamless transportation logistics for meetings and conferences, ensuring participants can focus on their agendas without worrying about how to get there.
  • sporting event transportation: We provide reliable and timely transportation solutions for sporting event attendees and participants, ensuring everyone arrives at their destinations comfortably and on time.

By integrating these diverse services, Griffin Transportation ensures that every aspect of your global travel is managed with expert care and unparalleled professionalism, making every journey not just a trip but a truly memorable experience.


Connect Globally with Griffin Transportation

Experience the ultimate in global transportation with Griffin Transportation. Whether planning an international business trip, coordinating a global tour, or needing dependable transport, Griffin is ready to exceed your expectations. Contact us today at 604-682-4474 or via email at, and let us tailor our global transportation services to your exact requirements. Travel the world with Griffin, where every journey showcases our commitment to quality and expert care.

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